Do or Donut

there is no try

27 March 2022

  • The donut tasted absolutely foul. From the outside, it looked like any other baked good of its sort, fluffy as a cloud and dusted evenly in powdered sugar. However, as soon as I sank my teeth into it, I came to the sudden realization that something was very, very wrong.
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    Marta P
    2/21 11:49am
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  • “Well? How is it?” It wasn’t fair that she asked while my mouth was still full, but I smiled and forced myself to swallow the donut, against my preference. “Wow, that’s… unique.” “Glad you like it!” she said in her bubbly sort of way. “There’s plenty more where that came from!”
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    Phil H
    2/21 4:26pm
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  • As it slithered down the esophagus, I took a glance at the wall Calendar. "Still a week to go, how will I keep up with this!" In our profession, timing is of utmost importance. Her phone rang aloud, hastily, she grabbed it with an awkward smile and walked into the kitchen.
    lars V2/21 8:57pm
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  • She spoke in a most interested manner, twirling and curling her hair about. She let out a hearty giggle, and couldn’t control herself. Who was she talking to?
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    Jay K
    2/26 4:17am
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  • A wren flitted from a nearby tree & landed on her finger. It warbled a frantic tune that made the woman blush. "Of course, I'll marry you," she said. "I'd marry you a hundred times!" The bird flew back into the tree and returned seconds later with a round, red berry in its mouth.
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    Benjamin C
    3/5 9:53am
  • The wren dropped in her hand a bright red cherry, while she sat and wondered the significance of the berry. It could be a subtle nod for how he’d like to take her as his wife and celebrate their marriage by popping hers, clearly.
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    Jacob S
    3/13 5:53pm
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  • Then she explained to him that “virginity” is entirely a social construct. He argued at first then suddenly realized he had been fooled. “It’s OK”, she said, “conditioning gets us all.”
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    Sean K
    3/19 7:48pm
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  • He stayed quiet for a while, contemplating what had just happened. She was right after all. The mere fact that his ego hurt from being tricked by a woman was the result of social conditioning. “Alright, you win, have it your way,” he said.
    Alex R3/27 6:33pm

The End