Zombie Discount

A case of retail revenge

17 May 2021

  • As predicted, Ariana woke up with a dull headache and a sore throat. Every breath she expelled felt warm and contagious. She got dressed without showering and stumbled out the front door in search of her next victim.
    Sam B avatar
    Sam B
    4/23/21 3:57am
  • But there were just ZOMBIES but she saw a zombie holding a poster for a app named Klikaklu so she scanned the code with her IPhone 4
    Logan P4/24/21 4:52pm
  • And suddenly realized she needed to update the app, but it was too late, the zombies got angry and started to chase her...she ran and ran until she came to a
    Kimberlie P avatar
    Kimberlie P
    4/27/21 12:04am
  • Spencer Gifts. She ran inside and lowered the metal gate, then made a beeline for the replica swords behind the counter. It was time to dice some undead.
    Sean K avatar
    Sean K
    5/3/21 9:27pm
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  • She pulled her hair into a ponytail as she whispered some words of affirmation in the cheap dressing room mirror, “I’m a badass bitch. No guts, no glory.” She grabbed one sword in each hand, and turned just in time to see ...
    Diana T avatar
    Diana T
    5/16/21 4:07am
  • A skinless hand opened her door. She chopped it off, pushed past the creature and ran past the sale rack. Her sword, heavy but swift, sliced its way to the exit. “No pain, no gain,” she intoned. With a bold kick to the door she burst into the parking lot, her freedom obtained.
    Rietje B avatar
    Rietje B
    5/17/21 5:10am

The End