Let Go

We’re all just balloons in the wind

27 May 2021

  • I had just arrived at Evelyn’s 4th birthday party, balloons in hand, when all hell broke loose. Nothing changes the power dynamic between an adult and a child faster than a pressurized garden hose.
    Sam B avatarSam B4/24/21 7:05pm
  • Jasper Barnaby had pulled the hose out of the small fish pond that birthday girl Evelyn’s father cared for meticulously. The spray of water first hit the golden retriever begging for birthday cake near a group of gossiping mothers. Then it hit the mothers themselves. My balloons
    A P avatarA P4/25/21 8:20pm
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  • caught a draft of wind, and I purposefully loosened my grip to let one fly away, thinking to myself,
    Matt avatarMatt4/26/21 3:45pm
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  • Whyyyy?! Not that one! Then I remember I had two more of those in my backpack...what a relieve I felt
    Z G5/11/21 3:14pm
  • So I started eating those last two cheese sticks while I sat in the cliff watching my other stick floating in the immeasurable size of the ocean thinking about life and the future, I felt sad for a moment until i realized ...
    Juan S avatarJuan S5/14/21 4:02pm
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  • that this wasn't the end, but my new, fresh beginning. A time to let go of the past and let my new life come into affect. Now my "New Year, New Me" had finally come and was here to stay.
    Justine H avatarJustine H5/27/21 3:10am
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The End