Chèvre Sprite Float

6 April 2022

  • I’ve done it. I’ve secured the last Seasonal Goat Cheese Lover’s collection from the local creamery just in time for Christmas. It’s $50, but it’s worth it. At last, my spouse will know how much I still adore her and her penchant for the cheese of goats. Perhaps,
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    A P
    12/13/21 10:21pm
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  • that fairy's curse won't come true after all. Maybe she understood I obliterated her home with the lawnmower purely by accident. Maybe Aunt Zoja was wrong & fairies really can be forgiving. I wrap my wife's Christmas present with a whistle, tying the bow just as she comes home.
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    Benjamin C
    12/17/21 3:32pm
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  • “So, darling, what’s the best way to apologize to an angry sprite?” She tapped her cheek and thought. “Maybe an arrangement of micro greens? Or a thimble full of homemade soup? Uncle Zanzibar swore by peppercorns, but his dealings were with leprechauns.”
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    Sean K
    12/24/21 7:11pm
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  • “No, that’s not it,” she thought long and hard. “Hmm, I’ve got it!” She put some mentos on the floor. “Here spritey spritey! Here’s candy!” The sprite approached the candy. Poor decision. She grabbed the sprite by the neck and shoved it in the freezer with the other soda bottles.
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    Jay K
    3/30 2:01am
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  • This did not work, of course, as the fridge was already completely full of Pepsi. This made the sprite so angry it literally exploded, leaving half the kitchen in ruin.
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  • Must have been the work of Bart Simpson, who was snickering the whole time. “April Fools!” “Why you little—“ an instantly recognisable voice rang. Homer was dead set on getting him back for that one, and he wouldn’t stop until he had his hands round his neck.
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    Jacob S
    4/4 4:39am
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The End