Santa and the case of the missing tree: Part II

Santa Claus Scavenger Hunt

21 April 2023

This story is a sequel

The Montblanc villagers were curious as to what the present could be, & who could have given it to them. They opened the present and to their surprise it was actually a gigantic teddy bear with a note. The note read, "The one who finds Santa's true identity gets the teddy bear."
Raj C @ 4/7 3:17pm
  • The Montblanc villagers were now searching around the village, flipping many a barrel and a table, to try to find any clues to Santa's secret identity so they could get the giant teddy bear. The Christmas spirit was back in the form of a mystery that they could bond over.
    Raj C avatarRaj C4/8/23 12:06am
  • No one was more invested in finding Santa's secret than little Agnès André. She scoured Montblanc for every clue. She had a collection of items she believed would lead her to the truth, including a hair from a Santa hat, a half-eaten cookie, & a recording of jolly laughter.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C4/8/23 6:50am
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  • Agnes’s sleuthing led her to three possible suspects. She knocked at the door of the first. A skinny older guy with a raggedly mustache answered. “Whatta ya want?” “Would you please laugh for me?” The man started to close the door. “Wait!” she cried. “Are you Santa Claus?!”
    Emily J avatarEmily J4/8/23 7:03pm
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  • The older man looked down at his lithe frame and back up at Agnes with a look of disbelief. “Of course I’m not Santa Claus,” he said with annoyance. “No beard, no belly, no red suit and I’ve never been to the North Pole!” With that, he slammed the door in her face.
    Sarah F avatarSarah F4/10/23 7:26am
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  • BA
    When he walked inside, there was a woman sitting at his table, chowing down on a cookie. "Hey Mr. C." She chuckles. Her pointed ears peeked out from her white hair that draped onto her shoulders. She wears a black knee-length dress that has lace sleeves. She stands. "You ready?"
    Byline Author4/20/23 6:54pm
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The End