Santa and the case of the missing tree

7 April 2023

  • Twas three days till holiday cheer ought to fill the homes of Montblanc villagers. Last year the holiday tree had mysteriously disappeared on Christmas Eve, leading to a long list of draconian restrictions: no early decorations, store music, or candy canes for sale.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B12/22/22 11:58pm
  • They had engaged in a war on Christmas in an attempt to save it. The result was a lot of miserable villagers. It was cold, the days were short, and with no pretty lights twinkling, people started going to bed at 6pm every night.
    Sean K avatarSean K12/25/22 2:13pm
  • Finally the storied night was upon them. Lethargic yet hopeful, the villagers awoke quietly and gathered in the town square. What they gazed upon was both shocking and comforting. Could it be?
    Sam B avatarSam B12/29/22 11:42pm
  • There, under the town's scrawny Christmas tree, sat an enormous present. It was wrapped in shiny silver & red paper and tied with a flower-like bow. A tag hung from the bow that read, "To the people of Montblanc. From Santa."
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C1/18/23 10:02am
  • The Montblanc villagers were curious as to what the present could be, & who could have given it to them. They opened the present and to their surprise it was actually a gigantic teddy bear with a note. The note read, "The one who finds Santa's true identity gets the teddy bear."
    Raj C avatarRaj C4/7/23 3:17pm

The End