Love Stinks

25 November 2021

  • "You like ginger ale, too?" Zuzka asked Binh. "Sprite's too sweet," he answered. Zuzka was a mail order bride & Binh was a mail order husband. They were flying to the US to meet their future spouses. The coincidence made for fun small talk, but as time passed, the convo deepened.
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    Benjamin C
    10/30/21 8:56am
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  • “What made you decide to marry a stranger halfway across the world?” Binh asked Zuzka. She turned in the airplane seat to face Binh. “I’m looking for love.” She gazed into his eyes. Binh replied, “Me too.” He took her hand. “Maybe we don’t need to go all the way to the US.”
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    Emily J
    10/30/21 10:48am
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  • “The flight attendant has been making eyes at me,” said Binh. Zuzka instantly rolled her eyes. It was classic Binh to fall in love with any woman who’d acknowledge him at all. Even if he was in a relationship, he could fall in love with a stranger in the blink of an eye.
    Lisa V11/3/21 3:10am
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  • “No, really. Look, now she’s pointing at me and talking to the other one,” he said. Zuzka was forced to admit that the woman did seem interested in Binh. But he’d misread the situation entirely as usual. The flight attendant began to approach with her colleague looking annoyed.
    Paz W11/9/21 11:24pm
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  • “Sir, Madam! We’ve asked you 3 times not to eat your durian, anchovy, and Limburger salad during the flight! The other passengers are physically Ill from the scent of your snack. If you open that Tupperware again we’ll make an emergency landing in Akron!”
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    Sean K
    11/25/21 4:15pm
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  • "First it was masks, then they came for my salad." The crazed passenger unbuckled and stood up in their seat. "Is this what you want?!" In one swift gesture they tore open the tupperware, letting the pungent scents escape—everyone recoiled. "Give me Akron or give me death!"
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    Sam B
    11/25/21 7:21pm
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The End