Ursine trouser troubles

23 September 2020

  • A slow start to the day. Another mark made on a map that had been long forgotten, stored in the tiny chest of my grandma’s cabin up north.
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    Sub F
    4/29 1:34pm
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  • The cabin had been in the family for years. The map even longer. While it felt good to mark things off, my mind drifted. If only I could solve the puzzle! I thought about the clue “breach the bear to clear the obstacles.” What in the world could that mean?
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    Rietje B
    4/29 11:52pm
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  • I scanned the room for clues. First the glass jars of sand on the fireplace mantle. Next, the stone gargoyles in each corner. Nothing seemed to answer the riddle. Before hopelessly giving up I walked toward a broken floor tile emblazoned with the likeness of a red grizzly bear.
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    Sam B
    4/30 6:43pm
  • Something was off about it. Other than it being broken. That bear. Where had I seen it before? Something was missing.
    Brad K7/19 8:58pm
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  • I thought to myself, “Whoa who whoa, wait a second...” I then realized that his pants were gone! His iconic pants! That instant I knew I had to find them. I started searching immediately.
    Nathan B8/6 5:16am
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  • I looked everywhere I could think of, starting with the laundry of course. After searching all the obvious places, I remembered the bags- the ones slated to go to the Goodwill. Checking the garage, I realized with dismay that they were gone, probably up for sale for $1.99! How
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    Robin D
    8/13 3:02pm
  • will I ever find the treasure map printed across those 5 Old Navy graphic tees again! Maybe I can redraw them from memory. I grabbed a carpenter’s pencil and a roll of
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    Sean K
    8/19 4:01am
  • Toilet paper and start drawing. After few days drawing I saw the final result. X marks the spot. The treasure was right under my nose. I started digging for days until I found it. The eye of the tiger was finally in my hands! Now I could die in peace.
    Z G9/23 3:05am
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The End