The Crow King

27 July 2023

  • I watched the sky as masses of crows circled around me in the sky.As quickly as it started, it stopped. I looked around to see if anyone had seen it. The same old forest and the same old dirt path. I sighed. No one here. I continued down the path, unbeknownst to what was upon me.
    Faded avatarFaded5/22/23 9:06pm
  • What seemed like a few minutes had been a couple hours as the skies grew dark and the silence became louder I was about to trek back to the house as my stomach rumbled from hunger but the path that was once there had disappeared I felt lost once again,this time I was truly alone.
    Alisha J avatarAlisha J5/30/23 2:21pm
  • I stood there, unmoving, contemplating my dire situation for what seemed like hours. As the silence started ringing in my ear, my loneliness got the better of me - I even wished for the crows to return. I curled into a ball and sat in place, waiting, and rain started to fall.
    shayu avatarshayu6/25/23 2:40am
  • I awoke to the sound of sirens blaring, using my hands to muffle the pain. I inched my eyes open, as if afraid the sound would pierce through.
    Apple F6/26/23 3:16pm
  • Had I overslept? Usually I didn’t, but this crow problem was doing a number on my sleep schedule. I stumbled out of the room and into the hallway. Two children were also in the hall, shaking. I stepped towards them, but drew back when I saw the black feathers on their arms.
    Esseta O6/29/23 1:05pm
  • What did they symbolize? The crow sounded its alarm and the children turned around and reached their hand out towards me. I took a few steps back out of fear and held my breath. I instantly felt my heart sink as their mouths formed into the beak of a crow and
    princess . avatarprincess .7/10/23 6:46am
  • They all let out a mighty synchronized KAAAW! I stumbled backwards as they hopped and shrieked. Then they started repeating “SHINIES! SHINIES!” After I moment I offered them my stainless steel watch. Then I handed them every coin in my pockets. Then I was free to go.
    Sean K avatarSean K7/26/23 9:10pm

The End