Time Pistol

21 September 2021

  • "Terry please, don't do this to me, to yourself" Her eyes lit as I held the trigger in my hands tears streaming down my face."R-Ramona if I don't do this we'll never get our child back, You know I love you sweetie". I hold the trigger up to my head and steady my breath"Tell jamie
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    Physics O
    7/17 5:07pm
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  • that they need to build the time tunnel when they are 23 years old and jump back to tomorrow, our time. Wait, that’s confusing.” I pulled out my phone to look at the calendar, accidentally firing the pistol. I heard three ricochets then…
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    Sean K
    7/26 3:30am
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  • watched the head drop off a marble statue. "Idiot!" screamed a voice, & a bearded man rushed into the room. "I saved that statue from the past so it's head wouldn't be lost, & now you've blown it off anyway!" I nudged some powdery rubble with my feet. "Can't we glue it?" I asked.
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    Benjamin C
    7/30 9:28pm
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  • “Pfft, glue?!” The bearded man retorted with a snarl. “You have just gone and crunched the remains of it’s neck under your Adidas!” The man pulled a tiny glass jar from his pocket. He quickly swept up the dust with his hands and closed it into the jar with a tiny cork.
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  • The man shoved the jar into my hands. “Glue may not work to restore him, but I’ve an idea what might,” he said. “You’ll need to seek out some pretty rare magic.”
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    Emily J
    8/30 9:05pm
  • “One step ahead of you,” I replied, pulling out my braided lock of platypus hair dusted with narwhal enamel. I caressed the remains until the jar lit up like a lantern. Just then a faerie burst forth, his face wet with tears. “Thank you lord.” he said. “May you reign supreme!”
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    9/18 9:44pm
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The End