Never Gonna

the Ballad of Rick Asiago & the Lobotomy Dumplings

26 December 2022

  • The song would not leave my head. I tried everything but a self-lobotomy to free my mind. And I very nearly would have accomplished that self-lobotomy if my grandmother hadn't walked in the room that second to ask me if I wanted perogies or pizza for dinner. Of course, I told her
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C11/4/22 6:18pm
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  • perogi pizzas. I mean pizza rolls. I no longer wanted to do the self-lobotomy. “Never gonna give you up,” it rang in my head, “Never gonna let you down.” I just wanted it to stop. I begged it to stop. “We’re no strangers to love,” it continued, “You know the rules.” “Say goodbye”
    Jacob S avatarJacob S11/5/22 12:20am
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  • As I hacked another Neuralink, the sound of the Rickroll I’ve been using as a sound to alert people of a hack still echoes in my head. I’ve been thinking of applying for a job there, to use my hacks for good. The self-lobotomy, on the other hand, is just stupid!
    Logan P11/10/22 2:01am
  • The room gets brighter as the sun comes up outside. Apparently I’ve stayed up all night hacking. Once the VR goggles are on and I’m waist deep in code, outside time becomes irrelevant. It’s a shame I still need a day job, though.
    Sean K avatarSean K11/15/22 9:21pm
  • I will look for jobs online, but first I need food, hacking the world is so tiring. Oh! I think Im gonna hack the pizza place, maybe I can get a few pies for free. But I gotta do it in style! With my new Giga VR Ultra Real Experience Goggles, I will smell the pizza while it cooks
    Z G avatarZ G12/26/22 6:12pm

The End