The Wetness

28 November 2021

  • "I'm late again!" Karen yelled from across the house as she chipped away at the melted crayons that had been left to cool in the waffle maker.
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    Devin J
    10/31/21 3:46pm
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  • Managing a bed and breakfast with three rug rags running around proved more challenging than anticipated, Karen thought to herself. Finally, the pumpkin spiced waffles were ready. Karen rushed them to her guests. “Here you go Magda and Terrance,” she said to her demanding guests.
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    Sam B
    10/31/21 11:37pm
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  • That’s right: Rug Rags. Three for one deal on the home shopping network. They are nice area rugs that automatically clean up spills. That’s how they’re supposed to work, at least.
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    Sean K
    11/1/21 2:56pm
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  • There was, however, a spill that even the Rug Rags couldn't clean up. My sister doesn't like me to talk about it, but one day we were playing "gardener & bee" in the living room, & she decided to hook the garden hose up to the bathroom faucet. You can imagine what happened next.
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    Benjamin C
    11/1/21 5:43pm
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  • It sprayed everywhere. I was soaked. I waanted to yell at her but i also was having fun so i decided to.....
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    Emma M
    11/17/21 10:29pm
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  • grab my bathing suit and flamingo floaty. As I lounged my mind wandered. This should be commercialized! The next year I opened the town’s first combination water park nightclub with splash pad: Flight of the Flamingos—Trouble at the Soak of Midnight. I was taken care of forever.
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    Rietje B
    11/27/21 11:54pm
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The End