Weed Better Run

Do not pass Go.

12 May 2022

  • The 20th of April had come at long last, I looked at my joint and I gave it a blast, I travelled so high in the sky oh so fast, visions of wonder and shadows were cast.
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    Jay K
    4/20 2:40am
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  • Then came 4/21, which was much, much less fun. The buzz was lifting but I still smelled the sun. My mother spoke German; my father? Swahili. The houseplant kept flirting & calling, "Come feel me!" What was in that joint, I wondered aloud. The answer? It came from a radical cloud.
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    Benjamin C
    4/21 6:44am
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  • Radical Cloud is the finest dispensary in all of Cape Cod. They are open 7 days a week, 12 months a year. But they weren’t open that day.
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    Sean K
    4/22 11:21pm
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  • The employees were too busy high off their minds to function properly. “Yo dude,” one of them said, “when you wait for the waiter…” “Go on…” “Does that not make you the waiter?” “Bro…” They went and ate all the cookies in the store. “This some serious quality stuff bro.”
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    Jacob S
    4/24 4:29am
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  • Their joy did not last, as a buff black man with an apron had walked in from the back door. “That will be $932.74 with taxes”, he says, clearly a little irritated.
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    The M
    5/3 5:00am
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  • At these words, they all frantically started searching their pockets, some of them whispering silent curses. Then, one of them went red and started giggling. “I don’t suppose I can pay in Monopoly money?” he said, revealing the two orange $500 bills he still held from game night.
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    Sunny A
    5/12 12:53pm
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The End