One Snack Can't Hurt

The Furbies Take A Walk On The Wild Side

13 October 2021

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  • I write this letter hoping that its confession will be apology enough. Although my fame has brought wealth & romance, it's also burdened me with guilt. You see, I never wrote a single one of my songs. Rather I stole ideas from the ghosts of Lou Reed & Burl Ives who haunt my home.
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    Benjamin C
    10/3 1:46pm
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  • I thought I'd be found out when "Perfect Day for Goober Peas" hit number one but nope, none of you ever caught on. Lou and Burl did. Every night their ghostly faces hung over my bed, Ives saying "I'm gonna Holly Jolly kill you." and Lou noding his head and saying "For sh-ur-ah."
    Michael S10/4 10:18pm
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  • Goob goob goob Goob ah peazzz Goob goo goob goob goo goo goo Goo goo goo goo goo Goooooober peas! What a classic tune.
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    Sean K
    10/4 11:54pm
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  • Oh yes, oh yes, ummm I like so much this tune... Remember me to that moment that I lived years ago, that exact moment that I pass...
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    Leyre G
    10/9 12:25pm
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  • The totem of stacked furbies teetered back and forth beneath the trench coat. "They're on to us," the lowest furby whispered. "Um good day then," the top furby muttered. Just then two furious hands reached inside the coat and began plucking creatures out left and right.
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    Sam B
    10/11 8:49pm
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  • The furbies tumbled to the ground. “Alrighty, ya little rascals,” said the man gruffly. “Enough is enough.” The furbies scrambled to hide amongst the trench coat. The man’s expression softened. “Aww, who cares if I’m not supposed to feed you after midnight. One snack can’t hurt.”
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    Emily J
    10/13 5:37pm
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The End