Realtors and spies

And some walruses in the way

26 March 2021

  • We are building a bridge...a new path to a new town. This area was recently bought by a big company and they want to develop a new concept in housing. Modern, futuristic and environmentally friendly...with state of the arc technology...
    Z G3/1/21 1:54am
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  • The bridge led to a utopia of sorts, built by corporate powerhouse Home Grown Town Ventures. HGTV got into city building for all the right reasons, but over time their mission changed. Unsavory characters were hired, many of them spies. Soon enough they began committing crimes.
    Sam B avatarSam B3/1/21 2:11am
  • Before long, nothing was safe. Tourists (the ones who lived, anyway) would return home and immediately spread the word about what a horrible place it was and caution others never to go there. As such, it was no surprise when business began to take a dive.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A3/2/21 3:03am
  • As time passed, the buildings started to crumble, the entire island was left deserted. No one even cared to remember it except when they were searching for material for their horror stories. It came as no surprise to the underworld that ARC, a shady organization, made it their
    Kara S3/2/21 1:48pm
  • building materials from crushed bones of realtors who attempted to expose their unfair business practices. ARC bought all its properties through sweetheart deals with U.S. senators who needed the network to hide evidence of collusion with Russians. Under every floorboard there
    Tracie+L M3/3/21 3:06pm
  • hid talismans of questionable integrity, chicken bones, rabbits' feet, and tiny vials of tears of the destitute among them. "To bless your family in your new life of luxury!" their agents would smile as they walked prospective buyers through the posh abodes.
    Dawn R avatarDawn R3/14/21 7:26am
  • Of course, there would always be THAT ONE PERSON. "But were they FREE RANGE destitute? I really can't have substandard tears protecting MY house. Perhaps we ought to sacrifice an orphan or two for laying the cornerstone. Gerald? What do you think?" And the old walrus would reply,
    C. S avatarC. S3/18/21 5:35pm
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  • "Whatever you say, Jefe. Tear away!" And that's how revolution started. Anarchy is not the answer, but civilization needs radicals. Changes are good, but true progress is not a matter of changing everything. Rather, it is a matter of changing the minds and perceptions of people.
    A P avatarA P3/23/21 10:01pm
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The End