A Hot Slice of Heartbreak: Part II

17 August 2022

This story is a sequel

Reluctantly, she opened the door to the pantry—a place she seldom visited—and a wall of Sofa Cola™ crashed over her. “You ready to rock?” she scarcely heard from a corporate Sofa Cola musician, who continued without waiting for a response, “then drink up and take a seat!”
Sam B @ 5/7 8:36pm
  • Jayla did as she was told. Jazz was her favorite music.
    Lauren C7/24 10:56pm
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  • So she practiced, man. And she dug. She dug all the cats. Dug and practiced, living eating sleeping Jazz. She took her trumpet and a duffel bag and headed west on the bus. She wanted to walk the streets Chet Baker walked on.
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    Sean K
    7/25 2:29pm
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  • At famous LA jazz clubs like The Haig & Tiffany Club, she would sit in the back shadows, listening, fingertips sliding against the condensation on a cold glass of tonic water sweating a ring into the tablecloth. When she felt confident, she would hum along, thinking no one heard.
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    Benjamin C
    7/26 12:39am
  • “Will you cut it down, your humming sucks!” a voice came from the room. She immediately stopped humming, and at the same time jazz music stopped. She gingerly drank her water.
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    Jacob S
    7/28 3:39am
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  • Trying not to make too much of a scene, which she clearly had already, she got up from her chair - trying her very best not to scrape it along the floor she headed to the toilets. As she flung open the door…
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    Yolanda W
    8/8 11:31am
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  • There was a lady behind the door who had been so frightened that she dropped her bag with many spoons that made a lot of noise when they fell. After the noise, she ran out into the street in a direction she didn't even know.
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    Leyre G
    8/15 12:17am
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The End