The day a snake ate grandpa

15 July 2021

  • The walk to grandma’s house seemed longer than usual. She loved the forest, but something about it seemed almost sinister today. She quickened her pace. “Going somewhere special?” A gruff voice asked from the shadows. She turned to see a long hairy face with sharp pointy ears.
    Rietje B
    5/4 11:52pm
  • “Oh, hi Grandpa”, she said coldly. “Grandma said you aren’t supposed to be within 1000 feet of her, per your restraining order.” Grandpa stepped out from the trees with a duffel bag over his shoulder. “Don’t worry dear, I was just picking up my things... goodbye.”
    Sean K
    5/5 3:01am
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  • She knew within 5 minutes he was lying, as she listened to him rustling through drawers and cupboards like a drunk thief. What he was looking for, she couldn’t know, but she knew she was going to get an earful when Grandma got home. She sucked in her breath and headed in...
    Diana T
    5/20 1:39am
  • …to the kitchen. “What you’re looking for is in the shed,” she said. He looked up from the collection of blenders and mixers Grandma kept in the cabinet to the right of the stove. “You’ll find it out there,” she assured him.
    A P
    7/11 9:06am
  • “Are you sure?” He asked. “In the shed?” Why would Grandma keep it in there, he wondered. She simply nodded. He strode out the back door and plodded across the lawn toward the shed when a loud bang stopped him in his tracks. Stunned, he spun around and couldn’t believe his eyes.
    M K7/13 6:09am
  • A giant red and black snake longer and wider than him, slithered away from his hiding spot, and hissed. He could hear words coming out of the snakes mouth, “I have a riddle for you, answer it correctly and you won’t die! Why couldn’t the panda make up its mind?”Answer in comments
    Macaroni D
    7/14 10:18pm

The End