Marriage of An Amnesiac

A happily ever after

23 January 2021

  • I clamped down harder onto my ears as the gale raged through the trees, leaving the ceramic leaves clank together in a never-ending cacophony. Even glass prism fruits badgered me as they scattered eye-burning lights in erratic harmony with the leaves.
    Kara S1/18/21 10:43am
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  • I did my best to shut out the chaotic sights and sounds and carefully scanned for landmarks on the horizon. As I slowly trudged through the glass forrest, faceted, reflective plums and berries fell at my feet, shattering open, spilling their juice everywhere. Was I finally lost?
    Sam B avatarSam B1/20/21 7:32pm
  • Does it matter? Am I ready for the answer, that I finally lost?
    Taufik F avatarTaufik F1/22/21 1:27am
  • What was it that I lost? I cannot remember...I know it was very important...suddenly I just realize I lost my memories. Did I had to do something? I think is better for me to go where I think everything started...
    Z G1/22/21 1:08pm
  • But since my memory is gone, I don’t know where things started for me. So I went to the hospital maternity ward, where they directed me to the lounge. An old lady smiled at me and asked “expecting?” I shrugged slightly and said “hopeful.”
    Sean K avatarSean K1/22/21 1:42pm
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  • The old lady’s smile grew almost sad. “You’re looking for birth records, then, aren’t you.” I rummaged in my bag and took out the license that meant nothing to me. “This is all I know about myself. I want to find my parents.” The woman nodded. “That surname is unusual,” she said.
    KW T avatarKW T1/23/21 12:24am
  • "Broomdrac," said the woman. "That is really a very unusual surname." "Not where I come from," I said.
    Arushi M avatarArushi M1/23/21 12:29am
  • “Well,” she said, “I like it. We should marry”. It was in that moment that I recognized my hearts desire: a suitor with confidence, and a lot of it. “And that, my child,” I said to the tiny Broomdrac at my feet, “is how I met your mother.”
    Rietje B avatarRietje B1/23/21 3:00am
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The End