Lady things

27 September 2021

  • It was a hazy morning. I pressed the button on the coffee pot and stared out the window at the gloom. I turned on the sink and waited for water that never ran from the tap. Shoot, I forgot to pay the water bill again. Today would be just as horrible as I had imagined. A shower
    Alex R8/23/21 4:12pm
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  • would not be happening after all. I grabbed a shirt from the floor. Phew! It passed the sniff test, but barely. Just good enough to get to the coffee shop. I ran down the steps from my apartment and crashed right into the last person I ever wanted to see.
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    Emily J
    8/30/21 6:49pm
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  • "Where are you going in such a hurry?" asked my parole officer. "Just to the coffee shop," I said. "Around the corner. Don't worry—I'm not leaving the 50 mile radius." Officer Crumbcake sniffed, then asked, "Mind if I join you?" "Um," I said. "Thanks," he said, "My wife left me &
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    Benjamin C
    9/1/21 7:46pm
  • I don’t know how to do a lot of those “lady things”. “Like what?”, I asked, knowing I’d regret the question. “You know, making food. Buying food ingredients. Cleaning plates or cups. Buying toilet paper. I’m too manly for that stuff.”
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    Sean K
    9/1/21 8:11pm
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  • “Guess you’re gonna have to figure it out then. There hasn’t been a woman here in nearly a decade. So if you think you’re too manly to handle it, you’d better try your luck at the next town,” I said with a wry smile, slamming the door in his face.
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    Diana T
    9/25/21 11:46pm
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  • He didn’t knock again. It would be another ten years before a man walked through that door again. I’d be gone by then of course. Off in search of a real utopia, not this crass simulacrum. I’d done my best, paid my dues, and decided to move on—there were others who needed me more.
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    Sam B
    9/26/21 7:24pm
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The End