Band Together

6 July 2020

  • Each member of the Hayward household boarded the train in navy formalwear, and clutching a carefully chosen possession. Between the five of them they brought: a yellowed photograph, a carefully folded map, two jeweled pins, and a ragged children's doll coming undone at the seams.
    Sam B avatarSam B6/24/20 8:48pm
  • The attendant directed them to their cabin in the third train car. A little small and musty, but perfect for the long journey that lied ahead. Lucia checked their map repeatedly out of excitement to see the vast exotic landscape that was shown in Asher’s photo.
    Nathan B6/25/20 1:03am
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  • The photo was worn down from the years it had spent in Asher’s pocket. Lucia settled into her train seat and looked out the window. Only 12 hours of discomfort to go. She wondered how they would be received at their destination. Asher had left under strange circumstances.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B6/25/20 1:38am
  • Despite her hesitation, Hogwarts was some place she always felt at home so the length of the journey was a small price to pay. As she glanced back at the photo, she realized that Asher had disappeared from it. He clearly had other things to do to prepare for her pending arrival.
    Becky C avatarBecky C6/27/20 11:58pm
  • "Well, screw Asher. I'm done with that fool." She said to herself a little too loudly. She took out her "battle axe" and starts shredding the darkest metal song she knows. Just then Asher walks in, eyes wide open, and jaws dropped.
    James Z avatarJames Z7/1/20 2:10pm
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  • Asher was shocked to see a young woman holding a length of 2x4 that had been drawn on to resemble a crude guitar. She was wailing on it like she could hear some type of music. He couldn't hear anything but her feet stamping. When she saw him she stopped and glared fiercely.
    Ian W avatarIan W7/2/20 5:10pm
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  • Her glare was so fiery and unrelenting that soon he, too, began to hear the music. It was all suddenly so clear. Her melodious strums captivated him, and he approached her slowly. Just as they embraced, it began to rain. The music had found him.
    Zoe B avatarZoe B7/6/20 9:18pm

The End