The Final Follower

5 July 2021

  • "Well, that's that," I said, letting the shovel fall to the ground. "What now?"
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L6/3/21 3:30pm
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  • After my comment of "What now?" The man didn't even peep a word. The silence was deafening to me.Looking over at the man for a response, I arch an eyebrow. My foot impatiently tapping as I continue to wait for a response.
    Wish M avatarWish M6/15/21 11:13pm
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  • “Never mind” I said with my hand on my head. Distraught, I walked down the road, with the man behind me, silent. I looked around me as I could see the cold, desolate landscape around me. I could see one story shacks that looked as if I was in Compton.
    bububroady C avatarbububroady C6/16/21 1:57am
  • I approached those huts, the man was still behind me, I could hear his sighs close to me, I felt him close to me, I felt fear close to me. I stood in front of the huts, the man stopped in front of me, "I feel your fears in your eyes" he said as he stared at me.
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G6/19/21 7:49pm
  • “It’s not fear, it’s irritation!” I snapped. “For the last time, stop following me! I’m sick of your constant shuffling and sighing. Just… don’t you have friends? A hobby? Go away!”
    Sean K avatarSean K6/20/21 2:11pm
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  • A low shudder sucked the air from my lungs. My follower shrunk inward unnaturally, then exploded in size, her old skin falling from the sky to reveal her true form: a giant; a fairy; a blacksmith. “Little person,” her voice boomed. “You will follow me now.”
    Ben S7/3/21 7:51pm
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The End