Unicorn Dave’s unique demise

14 August 2020

  • Deep in the woods a creature stirred. Glowing eyes, iridescent mane, and a robust, sparkly horn protruding from the top of its head. Unlike the rest of his kind, secretive and discreet, this unicorn was destined for fame. His name was Dave.
    Rietje B
    4/30 1:06am
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  • Dave had always been picked on growing up. Despite, or possibly because, he was a gorgeous unicorn specimen the other unis didn’t give him the time of day. This fueled a great desire for attention. The second Dave was allowed to leave home he ventured straight to the capitol.
    Sam B
    4/30 6:57pm
  • Dave was finally free from the tight hold of his conservative unicorn family. He went straight to the salon and dyed his mane rainbow, followed by an edgy horn piercing. Dave was ready for the city Unis to see his true self.
    Celia K
    5/3 6:03pm
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  • “You want a glitter blast before you go?” The stylist asked as he was finishing up. “Make it a double.”
    Brad K7/19 8:55pm
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  • From an upturned shaker the glitter drifted onto his scalp and shoulders. It fell in swirls of metallic blues and yellows, and complimented his newly dyed unicorn pink hair quite well. He asked the stylist if they were done yet.
    Zoe B
    7/24 3:59am
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  • “Almost. Close your eyes for a moment.” And he did. He felt the needle in his arm then, the sludgy paralysis creeping immediately into his muscles. His struggled to open his lids and saw the blade glittering in the stylist’s hand, the awful smile. “Yes...almost finished.”
    Robin D
    8/14 11:52am
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The End