Plum Luck

Brought to you by the European Commission of Agricultural Tourism

13 January 2022

  • The people of Bettingen—a village high above Basel—agreed that this was the biggest plum they'd ever seen and these were folks accustomed to seeing large produce. They were debating the proper way to measure the fruit when it slowly began rolling toward the city center.
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    Sam B
    1/11 5:27am
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  • The large plum quickly picked up speed curving its way down the mountain, moving faster and faster towards the heart of Basel. The villagers watched in horror unsure of what to do next.
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    Liz T
    1/11 3:46pm
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  • A nerdy, scientist on his way to lunch saw the confusion in the Basel town square and knew he had a way to deal with this large plum disaster. He stepped forward and said "I have an idea!"
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    Melissa S
    1/11 6:24pm
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  • "The problem with large plums is they are too big for one person to eat in one sitting. I think we should eat in pairs."
    Bruce M1/12 6:24pm
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  • The matching of Plum Pairs has transformed our community—Plum Pairs have gotten married, become roommates, traveled together, and more!
    Tara S1/12 7:56pm
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The End