Night Owls: Part II

29 July 2023

This story is a sequel

Last line fromNight Owls
The creature, made efforts to motion to the woman, It seemed out of breath. She was afraid but stood up out of the same fear and approached it. The Creature reached into the pocket on her yellow, mid-calf skirt and took out another picture. She too was searching for someone.
Heather B @ 4/19 6:33am
  • As the creature studied the photograph it studied the woman as well, almost as if comparing the similarities and differences. It appeared to be her. In the background a frowny-faced young man with two other men, one clown and the other, aloof, but all looking to belong somewhere.
    Heather B avatarHeather B4/20/23 3:20am
  • Was this all a dream. Something the women was internalizing. Was she searching for someone? Perhaps so. The Creature took a cursory glance around as if it was followed before pursed lips exposed a set of razor like canines. Brandishing its yellow glazed and fouled teeth.
    C R avatarC R4/20/23 3:41am
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  • The creature took a step towards her. “I can fight it or I can run.” She thought. There was a third option though other than fight or flight that she hadn’t remembered.Freeze. She stood there as if in a stand off with the thing.She couldn’t get any of her body to move.
    Faded avatarFaded6/1/23 6:12pm
  • What did the creature want with the photo? “You can have it,” the woman said, her voice trembling, “It means nothing to me anymore.” Behind her, Jerry stepped towards the monster, holding out his own photo for the monster to take. It shrieked when it saw his photo.
    Esseta O6/22/23 9:41pm
  • "The Mother of Endings!" it cried & ran away. Jerry looked at the photo. It was just a picture of him & Grandpa Joe fishing. He examined it closely, going over the details with a magnifying lens. Then he saw it: in the background was Grandma Linda-May beating a Bigfoot to death.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C7/27/23 3:13pm

The End