Finding hope

26 July 2023

  • I woke up feel the ache of the loss of my mate. I wasn’t sure how it happened but I knew something wasn’t right. He was right there next to me but I looked over and he wasn’t there anymore. I got out of bed and went down the hall and out the door to find him outside.
    Samantha W avatarSamantha W5/1/23 11:35pm
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    I called his name, but he didn’t look at me. Puzzled, I took one step closer. Suddenly, he spun around. There was a horribly cruel, wicked look plastered to his pale face. And something more- His teeth were razor-sharp and dripping blood. And then I knew- he had become a vampire.
    Byline Author5/19/23 5:10pm
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  • His head turned as a confused dog’s might, and he chuckled.He ran to a wall and climbed it until he was out of sight. I stood there, shocked and in awe.When I snapped back to reality, I decided to follow him in hopes of finding some kind of weakness or cure, whichever came first.
    Faded avatarFaded5/25/23 4:35am
  • Since I could not simply climb up the wall as he did, I searched for a way past the wall. After walking alongside the wall, which felt like hours, I stumbled upon a crack in the wall large enough to fit my arm through it. I peeked through the crack and saw
    A B5/30/23 3:26pm
  • A large orange lever. There was a sign above it that read “PULL IN CASE OF HOPELESS SITUATION”. I pulled it down. An alarm blared. I backed away then turned and ran as the wall crumbled. When the smoke cleared I was in a meadow, free but alone.
    Sean K avatarSean K7/26/23 9:25pm

The End