6 June 2021

  • I wake up to find myself in a forest, tied to a wooden chair. I struggle to get out. Then, ahead of me approaches a figure. In the gleam of the moonlight, it is clear that he is holding a knife.
    Annabelle A avatarAnnabelle A5/12/21 12:16am
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  • He was holding the knife tightly pointing at me, I was paralyzed with fear even though I was tied to that wooden chair, I tried to scream or ask for help but nobody could hear me
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G5/21/21 5:20pm
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  • "No one can save you," he sneered. "Even if they could, it's not like anyone would want to. Not after what you've done."
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L5/29/21 6:05pm
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  • "Is it really so wrong, though? All I said was that most of the Marvel movies bore me." A woman overhearing this gasps, a waiter drops his tray, a small child bursts into tears. In the distance, sirens erupt. "It's just my opinion..." I say sheepishly.
    Sean K avatarSean K5/30/21 8:24pm
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  • The next thing I hear before everything goes black is the piercing of a plate glass window. When I come to Thor is lifting me up by my shirt collar. “Still feel the same way?” he asks eyeing my soiled slacks. “No sir,” I responded. “I enjoy Marvel movies THOR-oughly.”
    Sam B avatarSam B6/6/21 12:54am
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The End