Forage Voyage

18 August 2020

  • The weather was perfect and her bags were packed. She looked around the room. Yes! She thought. Today is the day. Once I make it to the Beach I’ll tell Gerald how I really feel.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B7/30/20 8:24pm
  • She walked onto the beach, 3 steps ahead of Gerald. As usual, he was looking up at the sky, preoccupied with the clouds. She stopped and he softly bumped into her. “Gerald, can you forget meteorology for ten minutes?”, she asked. “I need to talk with you about my feelings.”
    Sean K8/5/20 10:58pm
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  • Gerald thought to himself as she caught his attention, “Oh no... Should I expect showers? Is she feeling under the weather?” Then he responded, “Yes dear, what is it that you’re feeling?”
    Nathan B8/6/20 5:06am
  • “I feel as if I’m floating,” she said. “Is it supposed to be like this?” She stared off into the distance, caught up in the experience, leaving Gerard feeling like he was suddenly alone.
    Robin D avatarRobin D8/13/20 2:16am
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  • And just as the fog settled to the forest floor she collapsed. Gerard glanced down solemnly toward his feet. “Ok, you can come out now,” he said without a hint of emotion.
    Sam B avatarSam B8/14/20 12:34am
  • He emerged from the surrounding woods with a single, large rustle and a stomp. With a light grunt as he bent down to pick up the woman from the ground, and a “OOF” as he hauls her over his shoulder, he exits the clearing. Gerard watches in silence.
    Jenelle D8/18/20 11:00pm
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The End