Transported by the sound

26 June 2022

  • I pressed play on the tape recorder then waited. A white noise filled the air for a few seconds, then shifted into a dull buzz as a woman’s staticky voice came into focus. “Melody Pendras,” she said “May 17th, 15:45.” I strained my ears for signs of the song in the background.
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    Sunny A
    6/13 12:08am
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  • The music was faint and intermittent, only audible when Melody wasn’t speaking. Even then, it sounded like it was coming from a speaker 2 rooms away. I turned on my custom audio enhancement software. Suddenly,
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    Sean K
    6/13 8:36pm
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  • the audio was enhanced. I could pinpoint exactly where that music came from — two rooms away. I opened the door, and saw a shiny disco ball reflecting the party lights in my face. People were dancing on the dance floor, some holding solo cups. Just your average high school party.
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    Jay K
    6/14 1:18am
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  • "Aw this is boring," I muttered to myself. "I'm going to throw my own party!" I found a nice basement and set the time for midnight on a Friday the 13th for the creepy vibes. All I need to do now was to wait for the guests to arrive.
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    Sarah P
    6/18 1:47am
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  • My spooky doorbell screamed, letting me know my first guests had arrived. I opened the door & saw the bandaged face of my friend Dan the Invisible Man. I looked through him & saw Billy Bones & my crush, Isabella Wolfwoman standing behind him. "Sup?" I said, trying to sound chill.
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    Benjamin C
    6/21 1:23pm
  • They came inside and sat down. All of a sudden the sky was filled with thunder and lightning, and skeletons emerged from the graves. They marched towards the haunted house and had a swell time. What a great Halloween party.
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    Jacob S
    6/26 8:48am
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The End