Popcorn and Memory

1 July 2021

  • She was telling me about research her lab at MIT is conducting that shows opening microwave doors during a cycle causes our brains to be bombarded with enough electrons that we’ll forget who we are and be compelled to run away. “Don’t worry. It’s cumulative,” she said.
    A P avatarA P4/10/21 3:01am
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  • I chuckled nervously, thinking about my own microwave habits. I opened and shut that door so often it might as well be a screen door. “How many exposures before memory starts to be effected?” I asked, pen poised over my reporter’s notebook.
    Sean K avatarSean K4/24/21 5:54pm
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  • "Depends. Some people seem to be able to withstand more than others. Not sure why, but I reckon some people just got more they're eager to forget. Makes 'em easy targets."
    Lynsie L avatarLynsie L5/5/21 6:16pm
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  • I thought of my best friend and how she’d completely forgotten who she was after her breakup — was she the victim of one of these botched memory extractions?
    Diana T avatarDiana T5/18/21 2:17am
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  • They always tried to manipulate her mind, to make her feel better, they extracted from her what came to be the person who disappointed her, I suppose. Will she still have a fragment of his memory?
    Leyre G avatarLeyre G6/6/21 8:49pm
  • When the lights turned on she up got out of her chair and left the examination room. Waiting by reception was a stranger—at first. As the gap closed between them she became overwhelmed with relief. "I know you," she said through a quivering smile. "They did not steal everything."
    Sam B avatarSam B7/1/21 5:15pm
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The End