7 April 2020

  • Winds whistled through the pines as Fannie and her Alaskan huskies made their way to town from the wooded, remote outskirts where they dwelled. Fannie didn’t care much for “the city,” as she called it, but today she and her curmudgeonly canines were making an exception.
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    Sam B
    3/22/20 6:34pm
  • Life in the woods can be a solitary one. Fannie, having lived alone for many years, had begun to see her huskies as her babies, and thus had developed a delusion that she needed to provide them with diapers. Bundled for the cold, the group trekked into town.
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    Zoe B
    3/22/20 11:24pm
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  • In town people glared when she brought her huskies into the bathroom and put the dogs on the changing table. It didn’t face Fannie, she went about her business and could care less that people were judging her that the diapers had a whole for the tale.
    Sasha P3/30/20 3:46am
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  • What they couldn't know was that these poor dogs were suffering from Pancreatitis - and boy, I was not going to spend another weekend scrubbing down my house! They make diapers for animals for a reason.
    Nancy B4/3/20 3:33am
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  • In the world of dog diapers, none are more fashion-forward than P&G "Crap-No-More" with fast-release straps for quick cleanups. Once those dogs are fully loin-clothed, there'll be no more need for those tiresome morning & evening walks! What will you do with all that free time?
    Richard B4/4/20 4:17pm
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  • The advertising was compelling, and showed a smiling miniature schnauzer wearing the undergarment, while coyly looking at the viewer. Such a confident pet, they thought. A quick purchase later and the products were on the way. The end (or is it?)
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    Rietje B
    4/6/20 6:05am
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The End