Apocalypses to Mcdonalds?

27 March 2021

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    In a crimson lit dim fireplace by a Light that filled the darkness inside me. I sat, With her, that little girl, the only reason I keep breathing, keep thriving the only reason I'm here.And to think I didn't save her she saved me.I remember it, it was yesterday in the apocolypse
    Physics O
    3/16 10:48am
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    Yesterday. Yet the memory, somehow in the balance between real and imagined, occupied that space in my mind where my childhood echoed. How had this young girl saved me from the world's end, and where were we? I wanted to embrace her but the urge to escape this strange firelit den
    zeej Q
    3/19 1:01am
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    burned in my throat like acid. I grabbed her hand instead. "Do you trust me?" I asked and the child nodded. We ventured out into the blighted daylight to find
    C. S
    3/20 9:31pm
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    clean water. We were dirty. Our faces were blackened by soot, stained with dried blood and sweat. I held the child’s hand. If I let go, then I would have to face those staring eyes. She pointed at an abandoned
    A P
    3/23 9:58pm
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    McDonald’s and said “Happy Meal?” I sighed and said “Not today, Ronald is taking a break.” All I could see were decrepit franchises, looted and collapsing. There had to be something to eat somewhere, I just had to find it.
    Sean K
    3/25 11:43pm
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    Then they killed me
    Emma M
    3/26 4:23pm
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The End