Sometimes work doesn't work out

3 March 2023

  • “I don’t want Gary on my team,” I said to my boss. “He takes his meetings from the gym, it’s disgusting!” “But he’s our top sales performer and we’re not making our numbers!” said my boss. “Fine,” I said. “Under one condition …”
    Sam B avatarSam B2/15/23 9:23pm
  • You show him the ropes. I don’t want to be the reason I go out of business. Scott rubbed his hands-against the sides of his face.
    Lauren C2/17/23 7:54pm
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  • Worried about what he was going to do to save his business. His phone was vibrating as he took it out of his pocket, the caller ID made him smile.
    K T avatarK T2/18/23 6:05pm
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  • BA
    Jamie. His best friend. They have been friends ever since they were young, and she's helped him through a lot more than he could ever think of. He answered and she yelled through the phone: "Tenit you better run quick or I'll kill you!" She yelled his old nickname, laughing.
    Byline Author2/27/23 10:51pm
  • “How will you do that, Freeze Pop?” He laughed back at her, using her old nickname. “With one of your silent but deadly gas attacks?” Then the conversation alternated between laughter and fart sounds for the next 5 minutes.
    Sean K avatarSean K3/3/23 4:29pm
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The End