Jack and the Ennui

29 June 2022

  • A tremendous vortex appeared in the sky. Thunder cracked and gray clouds emerged. The change of weather was faster than seen before. The humanity was scared. It wasn't your everyday hurricane. It somehow seemed to be a gateway somewhere? Or for something to pass here...
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    6/15 12:03am
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  • A giant claw slammed through the vortex and crushed a couple skyscrapers in the process. "FI, FIE, FO FUM!" boomed a voice above the vortex.
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    Sarah P
    6/17 2:40am
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  • A young boy named Jack wanted to find out just what on earth that giant creature could be. He had with him a can of baked beans, the contents of which he unfortunately spilled in a movie theater. Anyways, he decided to climb a skyscraper to find out. “Eeny, meeny, miney, mo…”
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    Jay K
    6/18 2:42am
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  • Using the the empty can of baked beans as a telescope, Jack peered up at the beast. "Catch a—" What was it? It wasn't a tiger. It wasn't a gorilla, either. Actually, the thing the monster most resembled was a sparrow. Yes, that was it, a gargantuan sparrow the size of a zeppelin.
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    Benjamin C
    6/19 3:27pm
  • Jack felt a hand on his shoulder. “Finish the rhyme, boy.” “Catch a…” “You know the full rhyme, boy? Because it ain’t tiger, no sir, not in the original. Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a ni—” The gigantic sparrow took him. “I’ll call him Jack, like me,” Jack remarked, “Jack Sparrow.”
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    Jacob S
    6/27 5:00am
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  • Catch a virus by the nose. If you sneeze, let it go. If you cough, we have to close. When we close, you will question everything. You will begin to wonder what you’ve been working for. You will begin to see the casual cruelty built into the system. You will forget to rhyme.
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    Sean K
    6/27 12:37pm
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The End