A Surprise to Be Sure

But A Welcome One

23 April 2022

  • In the middle of the night came a whirring, buzzing noise. I got up and went to investigate the source. Opening the door I saw that the printer was active. A sheet of paper slowly rolled out of the printer’s mouth. Two large bold words were on the paper. “Sample Text”.
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    Jay K
    4/18 5:00am
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  • I looked around, suspiciously. Was someone messing with me? That would seem to be the situation. I wondered was the person having fun with my expense close by or not as I moved between my rooms, one by one, carefully. Why did I feel this paranoid about it? It may be just a prank.
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    4/18 11:47am
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  • I opened a door slowly and looked around it. Nothing. I made sure I was alone. I thought it must be my mind playing tricks on me. I'm just on edge, maybe I need more sleep. I sat down on the couch, and was suddenly met with an air horn blare and a cloud of streamers and glitter!
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    Sean K
    4/18 1:14pm
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  • "Happy birthday!" cried my wife & friends. A ska band started playing from the back of the room. A cake rolled up, my name written on it with letter-shaped candles. "Happy 50th!" smiled my wife. Even my fish Flabulous was there, swimming in a drinking glass. How did they find me?
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    Benjamin C
    4/18 5:16pm
  • First I was perturbed wondering who on Earth gave them my location. But surrounded by my loved ones also overwhelmed me as I hugged and kissed my wife thanking her for the sweet surprise.
    Aan O4/22 5:27am
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  • Of course her real motivation is her upcoming birthday, one that I will need to start planning for immediately. She set the bar high, but I will rise to the occasion!
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    Rietje B
    4/23 5:13am
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The End