A Baby and Some Bath Water

7 September 2019

  • Everyone piled into the car and took out their personal items. Seat buckles clicked. Snacks crinkled. A destination was set: Door County. An epic trip began unceremoniously.
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    Sam B
    9/1/19 6:12pm
  • The smell of cherries signaled their arrival. Door County has a way of making each trip feel like your first. The children piled out of the car.
    Zoe B avatar
    Zoe B
    9/3/19 6:44pm
  • But it looked like in child was missing. Where once had been a gaggle of babies was now only a trio with no trace of Icarus but melted fudge in the cup holder.
    Jack B9/3/19 9:20pm
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  • The fudge oozed out of the cup holder, small feathers on top like sprinkles on a sundae. Icarus was nowhere to be seen. The air was filled with an eery smoky scent. It was clear who was to blame. Madame Le Blazé.
    Rietje B9/5/19 9:34pm
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  • She was the kind of woman who inspired fear — among hardened criminals sentenced to life. And this Madam knew her way around the kitchen. Her culinary skills were renown for bringing a man to their knees, writhing in pain.
    Richard B9/6/19 1:11am
  • But little did they know that she was hiding a dark secret. After cooking her elaborate dinners, she would take the leftovers up to her bathroom and fill the tub with all sorts of half eaten foods and meats, and bathe for hours, inhaling their intense aromas
    Emily B9/6/19 3:53am
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  • Once done with her food pleasure bath, she put on her best outfit- dress, floppy hat, and cowboy boots to go out into town. However, the elaborate dinner was poisoned! She started having explosive diarrhea...and she pondered who would do this to her.
    Sasha P9/6/19 1:04pm
  • Her husband? Her children? Her co-workers? Needless to say - none of these options gave her any pleasure. Next step? Conceal the mischief done to her body and emerge the victor - adding a pink boa and a sparkling diamond tiara to that same favorite outfit!
    Nancy B9/7/19 3:41am
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The End