Insanely Awesome

Enter the reality distortion field

29 June 2022

  • Soft swaying. A warm breeze. Rustling leaves. When the eyes open the surprise is big - the scenery is upside down and the ground is above! Senses are pointing out of upside-down state. The leg is fastened to a branch. The ground is above, the sky is under. How did this happen?!
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    6/17 2:32pm
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  • Before the brain could tell the rest what happened, the branch snapped and the legs slammed into the hardened sky. The eyes looked up...down? at the earth....below...above? in bewilderment. All the mouth could do is gape and scream until the hands slapped it into silence.
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    Sarah P
    6/19 7:31am
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  • Finally, a soft thud. He found himself on the soft grass, looking up at the tree he just fell from. And if that wasn’t enough, an apple fell onto his head, further adding insult to injury. That man was Steve Jobs. What if he took an apple, and combined it with a pen? Did he dare?
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    Jay K
    6/19 4:00pm
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  • “Pen + Apple = Papple. The Papple will be a breakthrough technology! You write on digital paper, called Daper!” Then young Steve Jobs giggled. The paramedic frowned and said “let’s get him to the ER, I think he’s concussed.”
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    Sean K
    6/20 10:26am
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  • "What's yellow and goes click, click, click?" little Steve mumbled as the anesthesia spread through his veins. Then he passed out. "Nitwit!" the surgeon snapped at the anesthesiologist. "Never knock 'em out mid riddle." The nurse smiled behind her mask. "Don't you know that one?"
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    Benjamin C
    6/20 5:45pm
  • “Well I don’t like riddles anyways, they’re a waste of time. Besides, we have to work on poor Steve, his teeth are rotten…” “Hold on…” the nurse interjected, “that’s the answer! This boy’s teeth! They’re yellow and go click click click!” High five. “Uh, a little help here?”
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    Jacob S
    6/27 4:49am
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The End