Double Dog Dared to Disappear

15 October 2021

  • "Whatever happened to Doug?", read the sandwich board. The man wearing it was visibly bored, and making only a cursory attempt to hand out leaflets. I wanted to know who hired him, and why. But I couldn't just ask.
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    Sean K
    10/14 2:23am
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  • I took a flyer to see if there might be any clues. “Whatever happened to Doug?” Same as the sandwich board. On the back, near the bottom I saw a phone number in tiny print. Maybe that would help me figure out who was looking for my missing brother.
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    Emily J
    10/14 10:50am
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  • "Yeah?" came a voice on the other line. "Tell me about Doug," I demanded. "Dog?" the voice asked. "No—Doug." "Rug?" "Doug." "Van?" "Now you're being disingenuous," I said. "Maybe," the voice said, "if you hadn't called me Fart-face, I wouldn't have to hide, big brother." Click.
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    Benjamin C
    10/15 9:47am
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The End