Cheesy Troubles

31 August 2023

  • Brayden looked down at the 'thing'. It was dotted with holes, gave off a stink, and there was yellow liquid spreading from underneath it. Even for 50 cents, Brayden wouldn't dare touch it. Then, suddenly, Freya walked up to him. "Yeah, I like cheese too. It looks delicious, eh?"
    Clara avatarClara6/12/23 5:18am
  • "Cheese is overrated..." Brayden mumbled, cringing at the rotting holed abomination in front of him. He didn't like its shade of yellow. Suddenly, Freya grasped his arm and stared straight into his eyes. "Sorry, say that again?" Her face was plastered with a chilling wide smile.
    shayu avatarshayu6/28/23 11:10pm
  • The slice smacks on the floor releasing its putrid stench. "It's just that does it really have to be this?" Brayden explains. "I know, I know. Certain doom awaits and all but really cheese? Why is it chosen of all things to be so holy?" Freya glowers at him. "You must eat it."
    Knolium T7/17/23 12:34am
  • Brayden inches away from the cheese. "I don't think I will," he says. Freya glares at him again and pushes him, despite his protesting, back towards the cheese. "Just eat it Brayden," she says. Brayden sighs and, trying to ignore the musty smell, reaches towards the slice.
    N 88/19/23 11:12am
  • The cheese was so foul, so rank, so putrid, that Brayden lost all sense of taste. His tongue refused to work. Now he only smells food, writing for his blog called "Brayden's Bouquets" which was turned into a hit film starring Will Poulter as Brayden & Saoirse Ronan as The Cheese.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C8/29/23 12:34pm

The End