In The In-Crowd

24 August 2020

  • It was just like any other school. The bells rang, the teachers taught and of course the girls gossiped. I found myself in front of them, the mean girls, saying my name and where I was from while they stared me up and down like a snake waiting to strike its next meal.
    Emma B
    7/28 6:55pm
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  • And the meanest of the mean girls were sitting in the front row, know to most by their nicknames: Birch, Vine, and Shade. I had just finished my presentation when a paper airplane hit my face and got stuck under my glasses. Reflexively, I unfolded it and read.
    Sam B
    7/28 8:09pm
  • “Party at Birch’s 8pm”, the note read. At first I assumed I must have received the note by mistake. After all, the school’s mean girls never Looked at me, much less invite me to their house. I looked around the room. Vine looked over and smiled. I adjusted my glasses nervously.
    Rietje B
    7/30 8:14pm
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  • “So,” I said, “do you want to try something new tonight?” “Ssssome thiiiing newww?” asked Vine. “Yes! An arboretum party!” “Aaaarborrreeetum partrrtee?” “If leave now we’ll be fashionably late.” “Fashhhhionnn?”
    Sean K
    8/5 11:52pm
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  • Vine was simply impossible to talk to. “Geez! Let’s go!” I said and headed for the motorcycle. Vine climbed on behind me, giggling like a fool and we sped through the night streets toward the party. Upon arriving we were met at the door by
    Robin D
    8/14 3:11pm
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  • a bouncer. Behind his reflective sunglasses he inquired who we knew inside. I shuffled my feet and mumbled that we didn't know anyone. He softened and his hand reached for the velvet rope. "I remember what it was like to be young and foolish." We walked toward the music with joy.
    Zoe B
    8/18 6:26pm
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The End