Attic Awakes

24 July 2019

  • Autumn winds picked up off the Smiths' deck, knocking their brown umbrella repeatedly against the kitchen window. Astrid watched the leaves swirl from her attic bedroom. She was home alone.
    Sam B
    7/6 5:31pm
  • Astrid had taken the rare opportunity for solitude to work on her summer project. She’d barricaded herself in the attic with a perfect view of the front lawn in case her parents were to return early. She needed the quiet to think.
    Zoe B
    7/6 8:19pm
  • Astrid turned her back to the window and looked at her magnificent project. Even under the dark shadows and dusty spider webs of the attic she knew it was special. It was a good thing no one knew this was what she had spent many long nights working on. No one would understand.
    Celia K7/23 12:41am
  • Powered by the socket of one of the attic’s light bulbs, Astrid’s miniature mobile of Chaucer’s Canterbury was amazing in its detail and scope. But when fog began to rise from the crypt of the old basilica, a shudder of fear rose up her spine.
    Jack B7/23 12:29pm
  • Astrid slowly backed away from the gothic monstrosity hanging before her. As smoke rose from the intricate miniature buildings she began to fear she was not alone. With a quiet creak the mobile began to spin and Astrid felt an icy hand on her shoulder.
    Sam B
    7/23 5:11pm
  • She spun around. The woman before her was a stranger, but had an air of familiarity. After a moment's thought, she realized: this woman had been watching her Astrid's whole life. She was the woman in the portrait above the mantel. She was also the creator of the miniature mobile.
    Zoe B
    7/24 3:02pm
  • Astrid gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. No words were spoken, but their hands intertwined and soon they were walking together. Astrid knew this portrait woman understood all her problems. They walked, hand-in-hand, until they reached their destination.
    Celia K7/24 10:08pm
  • Or so she thought... what had appeared to be the front door of her house, upon closer inspection, revealed itself to be holographic! What portal has Astrid and her new companion stumbled through and why was the gentle drizzle of rain turning yellow?
    Jack B7/24 10:12pm

The End