Far from the Tree

6 August 2020

  • I’m a 175 year old Tribrid. My name is Nakkita. My mother was a Fairy/Witch and my father was a Vampire. Mother said father was killed by humans when she was pregnant with me. Mother disappeared 50 years ago and I’ve been on the hunt to find her ever since. I believe I’m getting
    Natasha S avatarNatasha S4/24/20 1:09am
  • used to my new powers. I don't know many other Tribirds—we're a rare species, many of us choosing to live alone. I've been able to fly for as long as I can remember but lately I've been able to warm my food with my eyes. With each day my meals get warmer and I feel more powerful.
    Sam B avatarSam B4/24/20 4:50am
  • I miss the others. As new powers emerge, new fears do, too. What if I suddenly lose the ability to fly, mid-air? Could I warm up more than a meal? What if I accidentally “warmed up” Evelyn at brunch? I had to leave. We all have to.
    Greg P4/24/20 9:43pm
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  • His love for Evelyn was overwhelming at times. But not as overwhelming as his desire to use his supers powers for the good of the world. As he and the others left he put on his special pants. The ones he had kept hidden for years. The ones he had been too shy to wear in public.
    Rietje B avatarRietje B4/25/20 8:40pm
  • The transparent pants that gave him the ability to read minds.
    Brad K7/19/20 9:01pm
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  • They had zippers that could convert them to shorts—perfect for shifting climates and being prepared. He put them in his suitcase and set off for the journey of a lifetime.
    Nathan B7/27/20 4:54pm
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The End