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30 July 2021

  • Its eyes were filled with hunger and hatred as I stared into the eyes of the abyss, I could see her eyes illuminating out of the monsters evil snare. "I'll give her back to you, all you have to do is come over here..."My body moves itself without hesitation knowing its a trap.
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    Physics O
    4/6 9:02pm
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  • Suddenly, an overwhelming grip of claw-like pincers grab my waist. Through all the pain and carnage in this journey... I finally knew what I needed to do to get her back to me.
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    4/7 8:18am
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  • I should have listened to hear when she told me to stop wearing shrimp-scented cologne. I was mad that she tried to control me, but she was trying to prevent me from being eaten by a giant crab. “If I survive this, I owe you an apology!” I said through gritted teeth.
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    Sean K
    6/20 1:45pm
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  • I grabbed a claw full of sea mud and slung it at my gargantuan opponent, whose pointy red shell seemed to tell the tale of many battles, none lost. I was beginning to lose hope when
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    Diana T
    6/27 3:03am
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  • A green portal opened, and Rick and Morty walked out. “Don’t worry, Diana! We got this freaking jerk man!” Rick pulled out a long wooden stick and poked at the red gargantuan, and it exploded into a blue colored bloody mess!
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    Macaroni D
    7/12 8:45pm
  • It was during the cleanup that Diana met Chaz, a street sweeper. He shoveled blue slop, scoured the asphalt, sweaty muscles bulging under his overalls. Diana couldn't resist. "Hey," she said, rolling her fingers over his bicep. Chaz tipped his hat. Their love would become legend.
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