Summer of Plumber

8 December 2019

  • Her toilet hadn't worked in 6 weeks and she was growing tired of using the bucket on the porch. She decided to finally overcome her fear of plumbers, and pulled out her phone book.
    Zoe B
    12/5 4:29pm
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  • She held the book in her hands, her gaze drifting from it’s black leather cover to the bucket and back again. Her thoughts drifted too. Her body convulsed, not from the stench of waste, but from the memory of her last encounter with the plumber.
    Marina M12/6 6:25am
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  • She opened her diary to the last entry. "My pipe burst and everything fell apart," she read to herself. "I foolishly called the one person I thought could make it all right." With tears in her eyes she shut the book and crawled slowly out of the bathroom. Are all plumbers evil?
    Sam B
    12/6 7:04pm
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  • She remembered a past plumber incident that involved a toilet, a turtle and a bottle of chocolate syrup. In the end Teddy the Turtle lived to tell the tale, (to other turtles in Turtle language). By the time she finished recalling this she had fully crawled out of the bathroom.
    Rietje B
    12/8 12:45am
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  • Pushing open the powder room door with her wet, cold nose, Francine was finally reunited with her precious Teddy the Turtle, who eagerly awaited her embrace and scheduled feeding. How she passed out on the bathroom floor is anyone's guess. What had Teddy seen the night before?
    Jack B12/8 4:05pm

The End