A Voice from the Void

Rectum? Darn near killed 'em.

5 February 2024

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  • Da war eine Geschichte voller Sachen und so
    JO M avatarJO M10/30/23 2:52pm
  • One day, there was nothing. All of the stuff disappeared and a void filled the story. The only thing that could be sensed was a distant voice saying, “Come find me. I will bring you home.” Except this voice only filled you with dread and fear.
    Mandy M avatarMandy M11/6/23 4:28am
  • We needed hope. A small voice pushing back the darkness. And it appeared. A smaller voice from beyond the void saying “I am the way.”
    Joey D12/12/23 8:00am
  • Soon, a blinding light appeared and the voice kept growing incessantly. We followed the light into the thick bushes and pointed thorns leading us towards nothing but mere darkness until we saw something that we wished we wouldn’t have.
    Kanwarjoy S avatarKanwarjoy S1/6 11:35pm
  • There, in the thick, thorny darkness lay our worst of all possibilities, the living nightmare we'd all hoped to avoid, the gross reminder of our fragility and imperfection. Sit down carefully, reader, as we tell you: waiting for us in the dark, it was hemorrhoids!
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C2/2 6:55am

The End