Wingin' It

The early birds evade the wyrm

22 March 2021

  • Four sagely birds convened at the tallest tree in Vogel Valley, each carrying a branch from their respective homeland. After exchanging a minimum of words they laid down their gifts, completing a magnificent nest. Before the ceremony was complete a huge shadow engulfed them all.
    Sam B avatar
    Sam B
    3/7 7:58pm
  • The shadow passed over them quickly and they realized with relief that it was just an airplane. they turned back to the nest just in time to see the dragon smash through it.
    Miep K3/15 3:10pm
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  • As one, they turned and ran for it. All converging on the only cover within sight, a old rickety windowless shed. Stumbling over each other, they shoved their way in. When the door shut behind them, they were left in total darkness hearing nothing but their own panicked breaths.
    Koen G3/20 2:50pm
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  • The shed appeared to be shrinking. Gradually smaller and smaller pushing them closer and closer. They would need to find a way out, no matter what awaited them outside. The only option was a small kitchen window, but they would need to get there fast.
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    Rietje B
    3/20 4:37pm
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  • After a desperate sprint to the kitchen window they realized it was already too small to fit one of them. They all knew who's name would be followed by "the shed" on the final scorecard. This was still preferable to the fate that the others would see at the dragon nest stage.
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    preston K
    3/20 9:17pm
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  • The window was small, yes, but thankfully someone had bird potion. After quick sips all around they were able to shrink down to bird size and flutter through the window to safety, never to encounter a dragon again.
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    Zoe B
    3/22 2:38am
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The End