John Mason and the bizarrest case ever

A nasty trip

12 February 2021

  • The night was cold and foggy, the perfect scenery for a gruesome crime. Detective John Mason was assigned to the case, he was the best. This time the victim was a girl, between 20-23 years old, blond, thin, she was found near the lake with strange markings on her wrist.
    Z G2/7/21 3:37pm
  • Detective Mason started at the beginning: he shook the girl by the shoulders, saying “miss, miss, wake up! Wakey wakey!” She stirred and her eyelids fluttered. “You’re not murdered, you’re 100% still alive! Now please tell me about the markings on your wrists.”
    Sean K avatarSean K2/7/21 3:53pm
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  • Instinctively, she hid her wrists in shame. She didn’t want the detective to know she’d been cutting, otherwise he might catch onto the fact that she had purposely tried to get murdered. It was bad enough that she was waking up here, finding out that she was still alive, but
    Sunny A avatarSunny A2/7/21 7:47pm
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  • it would be worse if she was tortured under awkward glances of pity. She cleared her throat. "I saw nothing," she declared. "I might have been close to the scene, but I was too busy showering." Her insides froze as the detective raked over her with his keen eyes. Once he stepped
    Kara S2/8/21 2:16pm
  • away and closed the door, she immediately exhaled in relief, with a hint of a smile. Meanwhile the detective walked away, abruptly stopped, looked back at her door, he went back, opened the door, "by the way, Miss one more thing.....
    K T2/8/21 10:37pm
  • "...not for nothing but you maybe should look to toss your garbage or something in there. Stink singed the damn hair in my nose soon as you cracked that door. People with more sensitive noses then mine. Get me?" He was long gone when she remembered to inhale. Her attention went
    Josh C avatarJosh C2/9/21 12:25am
  • back to the cracked incense burner that was still issuing wisps of putrid smoke, and she realized the demon she had conjured had disappeared. Oh no...
    Dawn R avatarDawn R2/12/21 3:05pm
  • a missing demon was seldom a good thing. She waved away the last of the incense and stood, clutching her grimoire. A locator spell should do the trick. She chanted the words, and suddenly there was a flurry of knocks at the door. “I lost my keys,” the demon grunted. “Lemme in.”
    KW T avatarKW T2/12/21 6:27pm
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The End