The Trial of Tuto Quantuto

3 April 2021

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  • Она вытащила свой меч из его плеча. Он со стоном упал ниц. Она вытерла меч о его плащ и сказала: "Туто квантуто утруто".
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    Aslan M
    3/5/21 12:47pm
  • He groaned even louder and with more self pity. "Wait, wait I wasn't ready." Lifting his head. he watched as the toe of her leather boot began to tap. "Well?" she asked impatiently. The wound in his shoulder had already begun to knit itself together so he stood and struck a pose.
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    C. S
    3/20/21 8:20pm
  • “I call this pose... the thinker”, he said. The he shifted slightly “the Gritty!” He cycled through his best poses. “Shake n Bake! Gym class! CSI! Tapioca pants!” Slightly winded, he looked at her imploringly. “So, what do you say?”
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    Sean K
    3/21/21 2:04pm
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  • "Well," she squinted, "'The Thinker' pose looks like you have constipation, 'The Gritty' looks like the opposite of that, 'Shake n Bake' is more like 'I have a head injury', 'Gym Class' I almost puked up, 'CSI' is a take on 'The Teabag', so we'll have to go with 'Tapioca Pants'".
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    zeej Q
    3/24/21 10:08am
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  • “Good idea - always a crowd pleaser!” With no hesitation he began to roll up a trouser leg and applied the ceremonial balm. It burned a little, as usual, but then all pain stopped and it he felt invigorated.
    Paz W3/31/21 10:57pm
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  • He died and went to heaven. It was a dream he said. I love it here now. Wait for this I been here before
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    Emma M
    4/1/21 12:44pm
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