Raiders of the Yakety Sax

The Search for the Benny Hill Citadel

1 November 2022

  • I had the pearl, but I couldn't read the map inscribed on its surface. I needed Svadba. She told me to never talk to her again after that incident in the Thuran Desert, but I find myself at her door now, hammering the knocker. She opens the door & I see she hasn't changed at all.
    Benjamin C avatarBenjamin C9/24 9:34am
  • “What are you doing, banging my knockers? And why are you twisting your knob? I’m here, what is it you need?” She answered. “Now Sweden, uh, no… Svadba!” I replied, “That’s your name, right? I need help decoding this map on a pearl.” I gave it to her. “Now let’s see…”
    Jacob S avatarJacob S9/26 2:35am
  • The audience was confused. They knew that Benny Hill was a giant in entertainment, at least that’s what the program said. But so far his TED talk was incomprehensible.
    Sean K avatarSean K10/26 12:30pm
    Dylan W avatarDylan W10/30 7:34pm
    Inactive POO icon1
  • Yes! That was my war scream! With that we charged and everybody died. Except one person…Benny Hill
    Z G avatarZ G10/30 8:47pm

The End