Getting Donald Home

28 January 2021

  • It was a very snowy day, depressing and bleak, when we had our first fateful encounter. His name was Jacob, and he wore a long, black coat which contrasted strikingly against the otherwise white world around us. I asked him what he was doing out in such a terrible storm.
    Sunny A avatarSunny A1/25/21 6:23pm
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  • "Adding some balance, I guess, since I'm certainly not blending in," he smiled. He pulled a rope ladder out from the depths of his coat. "Wanna climb a ladder?"
    Dawn R avatarDawn R1/25/21 6:31pm
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  • I thought to myself: “I’d rather climb you”, then bit the inside of my cheek. This adventure wasn’t going to start itself. “Sure, I’ll go first, if you can get it up there”. I smirked at him, those cannons of his could toss that rope a long way I guessed.
    Vicki F avatarVicki F1/25/21 6:54pm
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  • Just as we hit the summit the clouds gave way to what was to be the most beautiful burst of colors I'd ever seen as the sun set. I took a deep breath in, held it, breathed out and breathed in again. With each breath I felt a release of euphoria of accomplishment.
    Sefauna D avatarSefauna D1/26/21 1:48am
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  • And then I realized we were on top of Mt. Trashmore.
    Crystal K avatarCrystal K1/28/21 1:35am
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  • Upon realizing this, I said to former President Trump, "We did it! We finally got you home safe and sound!", and the world could rest easily again.
    Rory C avatarRory C1/28/21 1:52am
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The End