Night Owls: Part II

18 June 2022

This story is a sequel

Last line from 'Night Owls'
The being was enormous; larger than anything they’d ever encountered in this place. A massive red glow surrounded the being as it stared into them. “This world has been made anew. In its stead we will rebuild our empire. We will make this place a paradise.
Boris J @ 5/18 1:26pm
  • And we will make you our slaves.” It said as if speaking to a mere pet, and yet those words struck fear into their hearts for reasons they did not want to acknowledge. The being smiled a cruel smile of victory as it spoke; “We have waited for your arrival.”
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    Boris J
    5/18 2:24pm
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  • Jerry prostrated and accepted the being as overlord, while Beth was a little more resistant. The being grabbed Morty and Morty confessed the being as lord. “You son of a beach, I’m in.” But Rick barged in just in time.
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    Jay K
    5/19 9:00am
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  • Rick had some experiences with overlords. He'd led the rebellion against Gardonn the Sublime & helped Sooline III conquer G'Jabraz the Fetid in the Ammonite Wars. Pulling his sword, Skullbanger, from his sheath he stood between the overlord & his friends & cried, "This ends now!"
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    Benjamin C
    5/28 8:04am
  • The overlord snapped his fingers, and a lackey with a clipboard appeared. “May I see your sword permit, sir?”, he asked. “My cause is just, step aside!”, Rick yelled. The lackey frowned and said “in that case I also need to see your crusade license?”
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    Sean K
    6/12 6:00pm
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  • What's with this place and its permits? What's up next - a permit to breathe the air too? This was ridiculous! This really bothered Rick and made him see red. The lackey's face was as straight as a smooth rock could ever be and this pissed Rick off even more! This was unbearable!
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    6/15 12:23am
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  • Rick, in a fit of rage, stabbed the lackey in his chest. With a knife. The lackey drew his last breath. “Oi mate, you got a stabbing loisence for that, mate?” And then he died in a pool of his own blood. “Let’s go home, Morty,” Rick placed his hand on Morty’s shoulder. “Aww man…”
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    Jacob S
    6/15 11:46pm
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The End